6 Reasons Your Gums Might Be Receding

Gum recession can cause a variety of problems including bone loss in the jaw and tooth loss over time. Gums recede for many reasons, but some of those causes can be avoided. Your dentist in Falcon, CO can help you determine why your gums are receding, and what might be done about it. Here’s what to know about the causes of gum recession.

1. Brushing Too Hard
Brushing hard can damage your gums and tooth enamel, and can cause both to erode over time. When you brush your teeth, it’s important to apply the brush to the gum line with light pressure only. Instead of scrubbing side to side, make small rounded movements to get rid of the plaque on the tooth enamel.

2. Gum Disease
Gum disease can cause a variety of problems including bad breath that never quite goes away and gum recession. You may be able to tell if you have gum disease – watch for these signs:

Gums are puffy, red and bleeding
Gums recede from the tooth
Breath is bad even after you’ve brushed your teeth
Some teeth are loose or have even fallen out
If you suspect you have gum disease, talk to your dentist as soon as possible to help save your dental health.

3. Dental Plaque and Tartar
Dental plaque and tartar can build up on the tooth enamel at the gumline, and that can push the gums back away from the teeth. Taking good care of your teeth by brushing them twice a day and seeing the dentist twice per year can help with this.

4. Smoking and Tobacco Use
Smoking and tobacco use can be bad for your teeth in many ways. Gum recession is just one of the problems that using tobacco can cause. Other problems that can occur when you use tobacco products include:

Bad breath
Tooth discoloration
Gum disease
5. Injury
Dental injury can cause your gums and teeth to be damaged in a variety of ways. Some dental injuries can be avoided. For example, if you play hard sports, wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Have more questions about how you can take care of your teeth and prevent gum recession? Make a dental appointment in Falcon, CO, with your dental professional at Falcon Dental Care.

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