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4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Teeth Whiter  

Do you want whiter teeth? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people prioritize having white, beautiful teeth so they can smile with confidence. As your dentist in Falcon, CO, we can help you with that. There are many things you can do to keep your teeth white, bright and beautiful. Below are four things that can help.

1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is a part of keeping your teeth white and clean. Teeth that aren’t properly cleaned will develop plaque and tartar build up, which will hold bacteria and food bits against the teeth, contributing to staining. Good cleaning habits will prevent this from happening.

2. See the Dentist Every Six Months

Even if you do manage to develop plaque or tartar on your teeth, seeing the dentist every six months will help eliminate it. See the dentist every six months, as your dentist directs, for regular teeth cleaning.

3. Avoid Dry Mouth and Stay Hydrated

Saliva helps your mouth stay moist, but more importantly, it washes away bacteria and food particles, and helps keep your teeth clean. If you have dry mouth, a condition that leads to inadequate amounts of saliva in your mouth, your dental hygiene can suffer.

Stay well hydrated to avoid dry mouth, especially at times when you’re working hard or sweating a lot. When you eat staining foods, consider swishing with water after taking a few bites, to wash away the food that might be in your mouth.

4. Get Your Teeth Whitened

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is an effective way to keep your teeth white and beautiful. Professional whitening is safe, effective and relatively affordable. If you’re getting your teeth whitened with the dentist, your dentist can help you determine how often you should return for whitening to ensure that your smile will look its best.

Do you want teeth whitening in Falcon, CO? If so, Falcon Dental Care can help. We provide safe, efficient teeth whitening services for patients in Falcon, CO. Call today to make your dental appointment.