Your Tooth is Suddenly Sensitive? What to Know

Tooth sensitivity can be a sign of aging and small changes in the body, or it can be a sign of a real problem for your teeth. Knowing the difference and seeing the dentist in Falcon, CO when you have concerns is important. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential causes of tooth sensitivity, what you can do about tooth sensitivity, and how seeing the dentist can help.

Potential Causes of Tooth Sensitivity
There are many things that can cause tooth sensitivity.

Age. As people age, they can develop tooth sensitivity over time.
Cracked tooth. A crack in your tooth can cause intermittent sensitivity, depending on how bad the crack is and what it’s exposed to.
Cavity. A cavity can cause sensitivity when your teeth are exposed to hot and cold temperatures.
Infection. If your tooth is infected, you might experience sensitivity when your teeth are exposed to extreme temperatures and even sweet foods.
Gum recession. When the gums pull away from the teeth, this can cause some sensitivity.
What You Can Do About Tooth Sensitivity
If your teeth are perfectly healthy but developing sensitivity due to age, sensitivity toothpaste can help your teeth become less sensitive. Your dentist may also be able to coat your teeth with a sealant that can help stop this problem.

However, if your teeth are sensitive because of damage from a cavity or an infection, the only thing that can stop the sensitivity is getting treatment from your dentist. Your dentist can fill your cavity or perform a root canal procedure to help restore your teeth to good health.

Have Concerns? See a Dentist
If you’re experiencing sudden tooth sensitivity and you’re not sure why, see your dentist for help. It could be that one or more of your teeth are having a problem that needs treatment right away. Don’t delay, as problems like infection need to be handled as soon as possible to prevent possible tooth loss.

If you have sudden tooth sensitivity, you may need general dentistry in Falcon, CO. Call your dentist at Falcon Dental Care today to make an appointment and learn more about the potential causes of your tooth sensitivity.

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